NOW OPEN: Essex Bar & Bistro brings a beautiful patio right to Trade and Tryon


After more than two years of planning, preparation and construction, Essex Bar & Bistro has opened at Trade and Tryon.
Situated at the base of the Omni Hotel, Essex should immediately become a nighttime hotspot and adds immensely to the presence on The Square.

Look at that patio. This is going to be really cool when the night is bustling.


Check out the interior.

essex-interior-3 essex-interior-2 essex-interior-1

I’m a big fan of the sun room. More restaurants should have sun rooms.



The cocktails are going to be a huge draw.
Most of the time, you’re not going to pay less than $12 for a craft cocktail. It’s a lot cheaper here. I had the Essex Gimlet. I’ve been wanting to have one because I’m love Gimlet Media’s podcasts, even though I don’t drink a lot of gin. Be sure to ask for their little leather-bound cocktail book.


essex-cocktail-gimlet essex-cocktail-book


Definitely consider sitting at the bar.


Check out the menu.
Looks like some decent vegetarian options.

essex-menu-2 essex-menu-1


There’s also going to be fancy coffee served from this machine.


Andrew Dunn | @andrew_dunn |
Editor-in-Chief / Charlotte Agenda

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